About Us

Here at Marino’s Pizza & Pasta we follow some simple philosophies. We will provide our restaurant patrons with the best quality homemade meal that uses the freshest ingredients. While the costs of ingredients are important we refuse to compromise quality over costs.

We also follow a very simple rule, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. The recipes and methods we use for our staple items will never change. This tradition makes us unique.

Here at Marino’s we believe that the longer the team stays together the stronger they will become. Behind the scenes in our kitchen we have three cooks whose experience combines for 65 years in this industry. We have strived to create a family with all of our staff.

We have helped staff members achieve their education goals, provided family vacations and helped with upgrades to their homes. As an owner I can truly say I am lucky to have the family I have in my staff.

All meals that leave our kitchen are prepared with pride, as we want each guest to enjoy their meal. We appreciate your consideration with regard to our preparation and cooking methods. Please enjoy your meals as quality and tradition is passed from our family’s hands to yours.